Bob's Red Mill Hazelnut Flour 精製榛子粉,無麩質(14oz)



Bob's Red Mill Hazelnut Flour 精製榛子粉,無麩質(14oz) Net Weight 396g (14oz) Resealable Package An Employee-Owned Company To Your Good Health, Bob Moore Pledge - Sourced Non-GMO Paleo Friendly You Can See Our Quality Kosher Pareve Our Hazelnut Flour is made from the best hazelnuts in the world. This gluten-free grain free flour contains 4 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Use Hazelnut Flour to add naturally sweet, rich flavor to baked goods, or try it as a delicious breading for meats and vegetables. Hazelnut Flour is made from whole raw hazelnuts. It's a Paleo-friendly, grain free nut flour that creates delectable baked goods. Stir this gluten free nut meal into your hot cereals, use it to bread chicken or fish, or add it to your favorite smoothie. Bob’s Red Mill Hazelnut Meal is ground from whole hazelnuts. It pairs deliciously with chocolate—think of that famous chocolate hazelnut spread—or this flour can be folded into beaten egg whites to create hazel nut macaroons. It’s an essential ingredient in recipes like hazelnut flour olive oil cake or hazelnut cookies! Replace 30% of the wheat flour with hazelnut flour to add wonderful texture and rich, buttery flavor to your baking, while reducing the total carbohydrates. This makes it ideal for those following a low carbohydrate or paleo diet. Hazelnut flour is outstanding in pastries, pie crusts, cakes, cookies, pancakes and quick breads, but this flour can also be used in savory applications. Use this nut flour in place of bread crumbs in meatballs, or as a coating for chicken and fish. Combine with almond flour for a deliciously complex nut flavor. Recipe: Gluten Free Chocolate Hazelnut Cakes Gluten Free Apple Hazelnut Galette

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