Bob's Red mill 去殼葵花籽 10OZ Bob's Red Mill Sunflower Seeds -10 oz



Bob's Red mill 去殼葵花籽 10OZ Bob's Red Mill Sunflower Seeds - 10 oz 產地/Origin: 美國 - 優質 - 看得到的品質® - Non-GMO 來源承諾 - 猶太潔食中性食品 如今,您在雜貨店裡看到的許多產品都加工到了幾乎不能認為是食物的地步。有時候,您可能連食材單上一半的東西都認不出來!在 Bob's Red Mill,我們不會那樣做。談到穀物、豆類和種子,我們認為天然的才是理想的。在原始狀態下,這些有益健康的食物有益地結合了各種對健康至關重要的營養物質。 食物越簡單,就越能保持這種天然的漂亮,我們的葵花籽就是一個很好的例子。它們僅僅是葵花籽,而且去殼,目的是釋放儲存在裡面的奇妙營養。 其他成份 葵花籽。 生產本產品的設施還處理木本堅果、大豆、和牛奶。 警告 存放在陰涼乾燥處。開封後建議冷藏或冷凍。 - An Employee-Owned Company - Premium - You Can See Our Quality® - Sourced Non-GMO Pledge - Kosher Pareve Nowadays, so many of the products you find in grocery stores are processed to the point that they can barely be considered food at all. Sometimes you can't even pronounce half of the things in the ingredients list! At Bob's Red Mill, we don't do it that way. When it comes to grains, beans and seeds, we think nature got it right. In their original state, theses wholesome foods provide a magnificent combination of nutrients that essential to health. We honor this innate perfection by keeping our foods is simple, and our sunflower seeds are an excellent example of that practice. They are simply seeds from the sunflower that have had the outer shells removed to reveal the wondrous nutritional bounties stored within them. It doesn't get much simpler than that. And we think that's just how it should be. Other Ingredients Sunflower seeds. Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, soy, wheat, and milk. Warnings Store in a cool, dry place. Keeps best refrigerated or frozen after opening.

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