Emborg UHT Whipping Cream 丹麥紫堡牌 超高溫處理忌廉200ml



Emborg UHT Whipping Cream 丹麥紫堡牌 超高溫處理忌廉200ml Net Vol 200ml 容易發起,可發至2.5倍,色澤雪白。 原產地: 丹麥 注意事項: 含奶及奶類產品 使用方法: 可用作煮食或甜點。 儲存方式: 冷藏於4°C至8°C,開封後3日內用完。 成份: 忌廉(35.1%脂肪),穩定劑(E407) Emborg Whipping cream is full bodied creams of 35.1% fat which makes it ideal for whipping, with a fresh, natural creamy flavour. Emborg whipping cream has a great versatility across multiple applications such as desserts, pastry and sauces. When the cream is whipped, it has an excellent volume and stability, which makes it perfect for cake filling and topping. Origin: Denmark Product Warnings: Contains milk and milk products Product Usage: Suitable for cooking and desserts Storage Condition: Keep refrigerated at 4°C to 8°C, consume within 3 days after opening Ingredients: Cream (35.1% fat), Stabilizer (E407). [冷凍貨品]敬請留意所有冷凍貨品只供門市自取,不設送貨

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